Canadian Alliance Commission (CAC) is a synergistic, indigenously owned company that creates opportunities for Indigenous Communities across Canada. This is done through scalable partnerships with a diverse range of service providers that are proven revenue building businesses.

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CAC and their best-in-class partner companies offer extensive experience and expertise in Indigenous partnerships and management of all CAC select service offerings. CAC is a strong Indigenous advocate that work tirelessly for their Indigenous Partners and partnered service companies.

The Alliance Approach

CAC derives its success through the coordination of a team of industry experts and best-in-class services. Competitive advantages for all Indigenous Partners are ensured by connecting end-users with the latest technology to provide the highest quality and environmentally conscious products. Our industry leading alliance partners focus on the environment, safety, service, and reliability.


Vehicle Leasing and Fleet Management

Like equipment rentals, vehicle leasing has quickly become the preferred option for job sites. Unlike purchasing vehicles outright, leasing or renting addresses issues like maintenance and long-term sustainability. Our solution can manage any customer vehicle fleet including rentals, leasing, fleet cards, complete tracking/reporting.

Equipment Rentals

All job sites require equipment rentals. With tighter capital expenditures, more end users are opting to rent versus owning equipment. CAC will assess the need for locally based, regionally sensitive options by helping end users in a more personal, environmental and community focused way.

Trucking & Logistics

Logistic, trucking and laydown/warehouse yard are essential services on projects. With these three full-service offerings, we will be providing a consolidated 3-way solution for every project site need. CAC can provide these services for any specialized project including wind and solar projects.


Safety Apparel

Utilizing a localized and Indigenous workforce, customizing safety apparel for jobsite specific requirements will become the future. Without the need to use standard international supply chains, there is no worry about supply or quality issues.

Valves and Related Services

CAC provides product quality excellence and backs it up with lifetime warranty and global distribution support. This, coupled with diversified supporting products approach allows opportunity for a premier supplier of valves, tubing, and accessories in the diverse Canadian marketplace.

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”


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