Canadian Alliance Commission brings the best-in-class service providers to facilitate Indigenous Community needs. In addition to our equipment rental, transportation, and fleet management service providers, CAC explores other opportunities that positively impact the Indigenous Communities we serve

Our Main Services

CAC Equipment Rentals

CAC has rental equipment partnerships across Canada. With 4500+ equipment choices, we provide a customized solution for each job site. For instance, our primary alliance partner, Cahill Heating, provides the most environmentally clean and fuel-efficient flameless heating and hybrid light tower technologies on the market. From the smallest traffic sign to the largest excavator or specialty equipment, CAC has an alliance partner that can provide rentals to every jobsite.

CAC Trucking and Laydown Yard

Northern Industrial Mill Services is a western Canadian based, international transportation company founded in 1955. They are one of the largest and most reliable trucking firms in Canada. NIMS offers over 100 trucks, 350 trailers, heavy haul equipment, warehousing, lay-down yards and a van division. When the Space Shuttle was hauled in Edmonton, NIMS was the provider of choice! Their expertise is unsurpassed.

CAC Fleet Management

Summit Fleet represents a new and creative direction in vehicle fleet management services. They secure a vehicle fleet that is fit for your purpose. The flexible fleet combinations allow the ability to provide solutions that cover all aspects of your fleet – from fuel and maintenance, licensing and accident management, to leasing and rentals, in one company.

CAC Logistics

Pinnacle Logistics provides complete freight management by land, sea or air. Unrivaled expertise and industry-leading organization allows them to deliver world-class solutions to each and every challenge—any time, any place, any project. When a company engages with Pinnacle Logistics, they don’t just receive the transport solution they need, they receive a lifetime of accumulated knowledge from some of the most experienced transport professionals on the planet. Additionally, Pinnacle has the ability to provide Cement, Steel, Oil and Lubricants for any project.

CAC Safety & Industrial Apparel

Hudson Hill is a majority Indigenous staffed apparel company that utilizes customized strategies, rigorous testing, and collaborative relationships, to design and supply Industrial Safety Apparel that protects your team and works for your business. Through non-traditional supply chain models, Hudson Hill is able to provide the highest quality fabrics for fully customized PPE & industrial apparel with no delay.

CAC Fittings, Valves & Tubing

DK-Lok Canada is the Canadian exclusive master distributor of DK-Lok and DK-Lok Corp high quality valve, fitting, tubing and related products. DK Lok supports various industries requiring leak-free system components for instrumentation, process and fluid handling systems at a lower cost than their competition. With their diversified lines, they can offer the highest quality at the lowest cost to meet the needs of any project.

Contact us directly to learn how we can assist your Community with projects in your traditional territory



Identify the projects in your area and reach out to us to see if we can maximize your opportunity or reach out to us to help you identify potential opportunities in your region on your behalf


Once a project has been identified, a cooperative action plan will be developed to maximize community opportunities, satisfying client needs and complete project objectives. Together, we will create and finalize a teaming agreement, Memorandum of Understanding or a Joint Venture




After the action plan has been developed, our services will be sent to work to achieve the goals set forth by all parties. During this time, we will provide transparent reporting throughout the entire process on every project


Once a project has finished, our community engagement plan is achieved, and the goals set out in the action plan have been completed, services will be rendered to all parties involved.


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